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  • Angie

    I love your articles.. Although this was not one of my favourite. I appreciated the mentioning of the 3Gs. I enjoyed the historical introduction to concepts and your own journey of grace.. I would have appreciated.. An elaborate expose on God’s glory, His Gold and His Girls and guys.. It would have been nice to share illustrations of men who had missed God’s blessing because they took His glory.. E. G Moses and King Saul. Or Men who had robbed God and suffered the consequences like Ananias and Sapphira and men God’s desire for obedience rather than sacrifice like Cain and Abel…. As for those who teach others to honor them… God will deal with them..

    • Ariho Kamara

      Thanks Angelina,
      I think you’ve exposited this quite well in your comment. I simply was hoping that those who submit to the “authority of the prophet” get to focus look not to the one messenger but to the author of the message. Their leader has the responsibility to point them to the source. I get the feeling the rate at which this is going soon he’ll be under pressure to perform and even Manufacture prophetic messages.



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